How can we trust your company?

How can we trust your company?

①Our company have Registered Business License from Chinese government. Registration Number: 330185000066473

Custom Export Registration Number: 3300555154357

Establish Date: 12th May, 2010

② Company’s general manager involves in Communicated Cable Business since 2006. 2006~2009 he worked in cable factory. 2010 he established self trade company. In 2012 he bought 51% stock of one cable factory. And the cable factory name of logo change to Weimai. In 2013 he bought 15% stock of one big cable factory. We have high technical support of cable technology of producing high level quality of Coaxial Cable & Lan Cable.

③ Company’s turnover grow up every year. 2013 turn over is 3.6 million USD.