weimai award premium member in linan e-commerce association

Time: 2015-02-16
Summary: weimai award premium member in linan e-commerce association

Linan Weimai Electron Co.,Ltd as one core member of association is awarded Premium Company in Linan Electronic Commerce Association.

Linan Electronic Commerce Association hold annual conference nearing the Chinese new year.

Along with the fast developing of electronic commerce. Chinese government pay more attention on this area.  Our city’s vice- mayor LianKun Zhou /Commercial Bureau Director Wen Kui Shen/Commercial Information DevelopingBureau Director/Linan China Telecom Director/ Linan China Post Director andother department of government officers attend our association’s annual conference. Association 75 company members attend the conference together.

The 1st part of the conferenceis Forum. Government officers and companys’ leaders sit together to discuss electronic commerce development.  And government promised to give us more support in future.

The 2nd part of the conference is performance show&dinner. Every company’s sales team enjoy the wonderfuland happiness time together.

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