outdoor Splitter (8-way Tap) Half Power Pass

Group Outdoor Splitter Tap
Min. Order 1000 piece
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Update Time 2018-01-08
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China Manufacturer Supplier Made in China

Coaxial Cable RG59 Copper Gray PVC

1.Used for field trunk of CATV, good waterproof design. 
2.75Ω,5/8″KS-F trans-connector available.  
3.Aluminum alloy die casting shell, anti-corrosion paint-spray.  
4.Adapt to 5-1000MHZ.  
5.Metal isolation netting, prevention of RF interference, good shield function.  
6.All ports adapt to pass power6 or 10A AC/DC.
2-way Tap
Tap Loss (dB)Normal      810121416182022
Tap Loss (dB) Typical5MHz±
Tap Loss (dB) (Permissible Deviation)50MHz±1.06.91011.51416.517.82021.9
Tap Loss (dB)  550MHz±1.06.910.211.614.216.917.920.422.3
Tap Loss (dB)  750MHz±
Tap Loss (dB)  1000MHz±1.08.610.712.314.617.418.72122.8
Insertion Loss (dB)5MHz  ≤3.5≤3.0≤2.9≤2.2≤1.7≤1.5≤1.2≤1.1
Insertion Loss (dB)50MHz  ≤3.8≤3.4≤3.2≤2.7≤1.9≤1.6≤1.4≤1.3
Insertion Loss (dB)550MHz  ≤4.0≤3.7≤3.5≤3.0≤2.4≤1.8≤1.5≤1.4
Insertion Loss (dB)750MHz  ≤4.5≤4.1≤4.0≤3.5≤2.8≤2.2≤2.0≤2.0
Insertion Loss (dB) 1000MHz  ≤5.0≤4.6≤4.5≤4.0≤3.2≤2.8≤2.5≤2.3
Reverse Isolation (dB) 5-50MHz  ≥23≥23≥23≥26≥26≥30≥32≥34
Reverse Isolation (dB) 50-550MHz  ≥22≥22≥22≥26≥26≥28≥30≥32
Reverse Isolation (dB) 550-750MHz  ≥20≥20≥20≥24≥24≥28≥28≥30
Reverse Isolation (dB) 750-1000MHz  ≥18≥20≥20≥23≥24≥26≥26≥27

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